Malta Doom Metal Fest 2018 (X Edition)

Malta Doom Metal Fest 2018 (X Edition)

19 Oct 20:00 - 20 Oct 23:59 - Is-Siggiewi
Chateau Buskett


2018 will mark the 10th edition of the MDM. To celebrate this important landmark, we are working to give you a two-day event that will be remembered for time to come. As usual, we will be incorporating bands from different shades of the traditional Heavy Metal spectrum with special emphasis on Doom Metal! Band announcements coming your way very soon! Hails!


The Skull (US)

Demon (UK)


Officium Triste (NL)

Damien Thorne (US)

Black Oath (IT)

Forsaken (MT)

Circle of Witches (IT)

Victims of Creation (MT)

Achelous (GR)

Castle - Metal Band (US)

Reflection (GR)

+ more to come

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