NLP Practitioner Certification

NLP Practitioner Certification

09 Mar 10:00 - 17 Mar 17:00 - Lija
Malta University Language School

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is based on the study of personal excellence, modeled after some of the most incredible human beings that ever lived. Over fifty years ago Dr. Bandler and Dr. Grinder discovered hidden patterns in language and their correlation to the programs running in your trillion Giga bite shoulder top hard drive - your brain.

They discovered how to bypass and even destroy limiting thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and strategies. Then, they discovered how we can “rewire” ourselves and others for whatever we want…the possibilities are literally limitless.

One Spirit Canada Inc. has been bringing our world-class training to Malta for more than ten years, and we do it because Malta matters to us. We don’t think it’s fair that you should have to travel overseas (and incur the additional costs of airfare, hotels and meals) to experience top-tier training and certification programmes. So we come here to you because we love you!

Our programs are always full, and we do our utmost to give you the opportunity to register well enough in advance so that you can make the decision to attend and not miss out.

Our trainers are world-class. Our head trainer Jackey Backman is highly sought after by business leaders, organizations, associations and individuals alike. She is recognized internationally as a specialist in behavioural change and showing people how to get exactly what they want in life. She’s been changing lives and empowering people just like you around the world, and for over a decade right here on Malta. If you haven’t heard of her, just ask around.

Over the past ten years in Malta, One Spirit Inc. has been consistently been providing mind-blowing, life-changing programs for people just like you. We understand that though you might be really interested in your own personal development; it can be a little intimidating particularly in choosing this as right for you. We know the journey can be very scary…we know because we’ve been there. Every single one of us at One Spirit Inc. has gone through their own personal journey of moving beyond what limits them, and that’s why we are committed to making this the easiest decision of your life.

This coming training is filling up, more than 15 people are already registered for this NLP Certification Training in January 2016 on Malta. We expect this training will sell out too. You see we prefer to keep our groups relatively intimate. Sure, you can join up to 200 people at an NLP Certification Programme in the UK, USA or in Canada. You may even find their pricing competitive to ours (unlikely however). Then, of course, you’ll need to consider the cost of travel, hotels and meals for 9 days. Or you can stop mucking about and join us right here in Malta. Your trainer Jackey Backman is unlike any trainer you’ve experienced before: Not only is she Highly Skilled, Licensed and Dr. Bandler trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, she is a recognized international speaker and world-class corporate consultant, with over 15 years experience in delivering quality programs to quality people.

Here’s just a tiny bit of information about what you’ll get when you register for this certification program:
• Vastly improved personal relationships
• Magical ability to change how you think and feel at will
• Mastery of your use of time
• Infinitely improved goal achievability
• Hugely successful use of strategies
• An Enormous increase in your personal potential
• Extremely clear use of your language
• Immeasurable amounts of happiness
• Amazing ability to help others in any situation like never before

Plus as a Certified and Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you’ll be able to set up your own practice or compliment your existing health, mental health, fitness, or coaching business. You’ll be able to help people to:
• Overcome phobias
• Deal with anxiety medication free
• Get over life’s biggest obstacles
• Make and achieve well-formed goals
• Create powerful success strategies
• Make Great decisions
• Create powerful motivation strategies

and that’s not all…

We like to have fun, and that’s because the science behind learning tells us the more fun you have when you learn, the more you’ll learn. This is not theory based learning. Memorization is not required because we actually teach and you will learn. It is experiential and practical. You will be using your new skills right away and the changes you want appearing before your eyes, even during the training.

We’re here for you every step of the way, even after the training. You see, at One Spirit Personal Development/NLP Training Institute, once your certification is complete we'll still be here for you. You can join us online and relive your training experience all over again as often as you’d like with our NLP Cloud. You can join us for NLP Minis; an annual training weekend which will take your skills an even higher level - guaranteed. Or join our NLP play nights and so much more.

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