Immersion Magical Malta 2018

Immersion Magical Malta 2018

02 Nov 18:00 - 09 Nov 21:00 - San Pawl il-Baħar
Immersion Retreats

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A 7 day transformational bespoke ReTreat designed to free you from your past, all its limitations and set you free to be the Alchemist you truly are.
What exciting times we are living in.
Learn how to increase your vibration, lighten your frequency and feel more amazing than maybe you ever have before.

Learn how to change the frequency of your brain, your electromagnetic field and tune into the Field of unlimited potential.
Quantum possibilities.

Meet other like minded souls that will help inspire and support you on this incredible journey.

There is no other ReTreat like this on the Earth.
The latest cutting edge techniques from the Masters on this Planet right now.
Bruce Lipton, Greg Braden and of course the mighty modern day Jesus Joe Dispenza.

This ReTreat is for women only.
As we strive to balance our male and female energies, bring in the Divine Feminine and restore, balance and harmonise our energy for unconditional love and peace.

Learn how to live in love, joy and peace.
Learn how to become the Mistress of your thoughts and emotions.
Learn how to be, in this moment.

This is a ReTreat for Spiritual Warriors.
Is is time for you?
Can you feel the calling?
pm me for a free consultation.
Set yourcells free by moving from Fear to FAITH.

Prices based on 2 sharing a room
All meals included
Retreat starts on the first morning at 10am
Only 6 places available.
£300 deposit to secure your place.
Payment plans through paypal or UK acc also available

Fresh juice
The Sedona Method
The Work
Access Consciousness
Mediterranean bliss

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